Ghost Rider I

Date Released : 14 February 2007
Quality : DVDRip
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Starring : Nicolas Cage, Eva Mendes
Genre : Action | Fantasy | Horror | Thriller
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Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze talked about (Nicholas Cage), a motorcycle stuntman acrobatics. Johnny knows that his father Barton Blaze [Brett Cullen] was dying of cancer, makes Johnny so indecisive. In the midst of hesitation, came Mephistopheles [Peter Fonda], ruler of darkness who are hunting for people to be Ghost Rider. Mephistopheles offers a deal to Johnny, that he could make his father well, as long as Johnny is willing to be followers. Jhoni finally approved the agreement and sold his soul to Mephistopheles to save his father.

The next day Father Jhoni was completely healed and he could be back in action again on his motorcycle, until an accident that killed his father. The accident occurred as a result of the act. Johnny blamed the incident-induced Mephistopheles. Jhoni then put a sense of revenge and wanted to get back some day Mephistopheles.