The Chronicles Of Narnia - Prince Caspian

Date Released : 25 January 2008
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Starring : Ben Barnes, Georgie Henley
Genre : Fantasy | Advanture | Action
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Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy back again to the land of Narnia after a year returned to their world. In the equivalent period of 1300 years Narnia was a lot of things have changed. The previous Narnia is in its peak is now under the tyranny of King Miraz who seized power from Prince Caspian.

King Miraz who killed his father Prince Caspian still feel threatened by the prince still lives. He plans to kill Prince Caspian to the throne which he had held later will fall into the hands of his son. Fortunately Prince Caspian managed to escape and join the creatures and animals that live in hiding.

With the help of the creature, Prince Caspian build an army to face the army of King Miraz notoriety. Although at first, Prince Caspian army was defeated due to errors of strategy, but with the help of Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy is now a fresh wind on the side of Prince Caspian.